Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5 ways to DO more and SPEND less this winter break

Now that its winter break, many college students are relaxing at home (or if you're like me, you're picking up as many hours at work that you can). The big downside to break is trying to figure out what to do without completely breaking the bank, because we all know that we will each have the inevitable shopping spree, or three, at the  mall and that will leave us slightly on the penny pinching side. Here are some fun ideas to try out with your friends, family, or significant other this break to spend almost nothing.

1. Poker Tournament
Yes, I know this sounds like something that guys would do on a week night back on campus, but trust me, my family has co-ed tournaments over break and it is a great way to have some fun. I guarantee you that one of your friends has poker chips, and if not, choose your favorite candies and pick their point values. Also ladies, how nice would it be to come back to school and be able to beat all those guys at their own game?

2. Day outside
This is my favorite thing to do with my younger siblings and my friends. You can have snowman making contests or bring back the old neighborhood favorites like ghost in the graveyard or kick the can but vamp it up with snow. Don't forget about hitting the old ski hill and trying out those sleds that your family shoved in the back of the garage too!

3. Finally do that pinterest craft you've been eyeing
This one is simple, scroll through your boards on pintererst and actually DO the things that you pinned during the semester. Bonus points if you use things already around the house! Call your sisters that live by anchovy an entire crafting day.

4. Bake-off with boyfriend
I know I specifically wrote boyfriend, however you can really do this with anyone that you want. Play your own version of chopped in the kitchen. Have an unbiased family member choose the secret ingredients (hopefully they choose tasty ones!) and set a time limit. Loser of the judging does the dishes.

5. Babysit and bring back the throw backs
This is one of my favorite things to do over break. I babysit regularly for a family and it's fun to show the kids what was popular when you were their age. Snacks, movies, games, everything! It'll feel nice to be nostalgic and it'll give the kids an appreciation for what they have now.

Let me know what ways you save some pennies over break and still have a blast!

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